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A Warm Welcome Awaits you in the Grampian Club ..

Are you interested in taking part in mountain based activities?  Then with an annual program of organised events  that includes frequent Day Meets, Weekend Meets and Indoor Meets we are the Club for you.  Our Day Meets include coach transport with organised groups and there are almost always places available.  Our winter meets try and include a winter skills practice group.  Our Weekend Meets explore more distant ranges and are typically based in hostel accommodation. Our Indoor Meets are organised in Dundee and we welcome a wide range of guest speakers with presentations from around the world. 


 Day Meet CoachYou do not need to make a big commitment straight away as non-members can attend up to two of our meets before joining the Club. In fact, we invite you to join us as a day meet guest walking in one of the organised groups for FREE.  The number of free places on each meet is limited and any extras, such as the group meal in winter, must be paid for, but the cost of the FIRST coach is free.

Please note that the Scottish hills can be wet and muddy and, as a general rule, dirty boots are not allowed on the coach. For your own comfort and to keep the coach clean, it is a good idea to bring along some dry items to change into. Very importantly, our drivers must adhere to the "Rules on drivers' hours and tachographs for passenger vehicles in Great Britain and Europe", therefore you must ensure that you get back to the coach on time as it will not be able to wait for you!


The Grampian Club meets, particularly the Day meets, are organised based on people walking as a group. As a mitigation to limit liability, such groups do not have a leader, instead there is a designated organiser whose responsibilities are primarily 'administrative'. All members of the group are expected to be self-reliant and suitably equipped and everyone will be encouraged to be involved with navigation and route choice. However, a responsibility of the organiser is to get the whole group back to the coach on time and this may require alternatives to be considered, for example, when someone is struggling. A very important aspect of self-reliance is having an awareness of your own abilities and to know when, for whatever reason, the planned route is going to be too much for you. It is always better for this decision to be made early as this will increase the number of options and minimise the number of mishaps. In such a situation, self-reliance is having the ability to get off of the mountain safely and with the least impact on other people. The person primarily responsible for your safety is you and when you do have an off day then you should try to avoid this spoiling the day for others.  It is good practice for EMERGENCY CONTACT details to be available to others and it is recommended that you add this to the Route Card provided; and that you also keep a copy in the top pocket of your rucksack.


In order for the Meet Secretary to place new guests in a group that is appropriate for their ability and experience they are required to complete the following self-assessment:

Grampian Club Guest Self-assessment

(Please select the most appropriate description of your ability)

FITNESS:                      Low level walks / 15km & 1000m / 20km & 1500m

NAVIGATION SKILLS:  poor / could be better / strong

WINTER SKILLS:         poor / could be better / strong

SELF-RELIANCE:       poor / could be better / strong

Additionally, please briefly describe your recent Mountaineering/Hillwalking experience.

If you would like more information about taking part in any of our activities please complete the form found here .

The Mountaineering Scotland website provides more information about Hill Walking and Mountaineering, and about the clothing and equipment that is recommended for those activities.



How to Join the Club

join-usWe always warmly welcome new members into our club. Find out how you can join the Grampian Club here.



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Day Meets Programme for 2020

Annual Dinner 20th March 2020

View our interactive calendar for a list of upcoming Indoor and Weekend meets.



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